Jane Bishop Circle

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The Jane Bishop Legacy Circle was created to honor the work and vision of True Colors Theatre Company’s Co-founder. It was Jane’s vision along with Kenny Leon to create a theatre that looks like the world and that encouraged people of different cultures to sit side by side and bring their unique perspective to the art on the stage. With this in mind, in 2002, Jane Bishop and Kenny Leon began True Colors Theatre Company, Atlanta’s first truly diverse professional theater company. Jane’s contributions to both True Colors and Atlanta’s art scene are too many to count, but prior to her passing in 2012, she and her partner Sandra Deer determined that Jane would like to leave a financial gift of $25,000 to True Colors in her will establishing True Colors as Jane’s true legacy left to Atlanta.

Cement our diverse legacies together and consider adding to your legacy in Atlanta and join Jane. The Jane Bishop Legacy Circle welcomes members who:

  1. Contribute cash gifts of $10,000 or more annually
  2. Donate Stocks
  3. Make Bequests and Estate Gifts
  4. Make Gifts of Retirement Assets
  5. Make Gifts of Life Insurance Payouts
  6. Such significant gifts offer patrons exciting and exclusive theatrical opportunities while reducing current and future tax obligations.

For more information contact LaTeshia Ellerson, Development Director at 404.532.1901 x 203.

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“Jane was more than a colleague; she was a very special presence on the planet. Her sharing and giving spirit will be with us forever.” – Kenny Leon


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