True Colors Theatre Company is proud to introduce a series of  staged readings with themes that will parallel those in our season productions. We will examine our world through the eyes of characters, while creating intimate occasions to engage with patrons.

In advance of our production of Christina Ham’s Nina Simone: Four Women, we will produce a staged reading of Nikki Toombs’ B.L.A.C.K. Join us as we explore how colorism extends through our history.

Event Schedule:

7:00 PM | Pointing out Parallels – An Introduction of Themes

7:30 PM | B.L.A.C.K. Staged Reading

9:00 PM | Post-Show Discussion

“…I’d rather clean ten thousand white folk houses than one yella gal’s houses. Call me Auntie…it’s the name that folks like you think of when you see me.”  Sarah, Nina Simone: Four Women


Written by Nikki Toombs | Directed by Eric J. Little

Gubernatorial candidate, Julius Black, discovers that his opponent plans to reveal incriminating evidence that could potentially destroy both his political aspirations and his family‘s legacy. He resorts to drastic means to cover his tracks; sparing no expense, including mortality, to attain his bid to be the next governor of Kentucky.  Conversely, the consequences of his ambition and narcissism may be the true reason he could potentially lose the election and much more.