Next Narrative Monologue Competition: True Colors Theatre Company

The Next Narrative Monologue Competition is a national competition for high school students in grades 9-12. Throughout participating regions, have the opportunity to engage in master classes led by industry professionals. These classes are meticulously crafted to enhance their acting skills, shaping these students into elevated artists.

Students progress through three competitive rounds—preliminaries, semi-finals, and a regional final. The top two winners from each region win an all-expense-paid trip to New York City. There, on the legendary stage of the Apollo Theater, they compete for cash prizes in the National Finals against 24 other regional winners. This Next Narrative Monologue Competition not only fuels artistic growth but also provides a national stage for students to showcase their skills, fostering learning, recognition, and advancement in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

Next Narrative Monologue Competition: Program Objectives

Program Objectives

1. CONNECT students to today’s leading contemporary Black writers

2. INTRODUCE students to acting techniques that enhance their knowledge of the art and skill of performance

3. SUPPORT students in making co­curricular connections

4. EMBOLDEN students to use their voices to inspire social action

Participating Regions

Participating Regions


Born from Jamil Jude’s vision of showcasing Black artists, the Next Narrative Monologue Competition reflects True Colors’ ongoing commitment to diverse narratives. This program not only offers students a platform, but empowers them to choose monologues from contemporary playwrights whose compelling stories resonate deeply with our young artists.

Students are not merely performers; they become storytellers, breathing life into these playwright’s narratives that reflect the richness and diversity of the Black experience. It’s a celebration of voices that might otherwise remain unheard. True Colors’ is dedicated to providing a stage where every voice, every story, is not just acknowledged but celebrated.