High Quality Experience

True Colors prides itself on providing high-quality professional theatre for thousands of audience members in and across Atlanta. Part of having high-quality theatre depends on not only the actions happening on stage, but those in the audience as well. Out of courtesy and consideration for your fellow audience members, we ask that you observe the following:

Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the show start time. Some delays cannot be predicted, and we do our best to start the play on time, every time. Be aware that we do not allow late seating.

Etiquette FAQs

If you need to exit during the performance, please be courteous and exit quietly. Please seek the nearest usher in case of an emergency.

Please ensure all electronic devices are silenced or turned off.  Please be aware that it is inappropriate to use your device with a lit screen at any time. This can be distracting to the performers as well as the audience members around you.

We sincerely ask that you please refrain from noises that could impact the experience of audience members such as:  the crinkling of paper, rattling of keys, popping gum and additional minor distractions.

Please show consideration for everyone in the auditorium and refrain from talking during the performance. We encourage chatting and discussion during intermission and after the show.

There is no photography or recording of  any kind at anytime during the run of the show. Again, this can be distracting to the actors as well as other audience members. It also violates copyright laws and is strictly prohibited.

Performers rely heavily on your feedback.  We want you to clap, laugh, cry and connect when appropriate.  Actors are still aware of your presence and want to feel as if you are engaged and completely connected to the experience.  Please respond positively and keep all interactions positive and refrain from yelling  at actors on stage, heckling, talking, standing or frequent exiting.

Please observe the audience etiquette guidelines listed  above in order to create both a beautiful experience on and off the stage. We at True Colors Theatre Company, appreciate your patronage and would love to have you come again and again.

General FAQs

A: The Southwest Arts Center offers free parking in a secured parking lot directly connected to the building. Parking attendants and security are on site during all performances.

A: The theatre opens for seating 30 minutes prior to show time. We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to show time to avoid long waiting times at the box office. Performances begin on time with no late seating.

A: We want our patrons to be comfortable while attending performances so please feel free to wear anything from jeans to evening gowns.

A: Exchanges are reserved for subscribers only. Tickets are nonexchangeable for single ticket buyers. Preview Subscribers are able to exchange into non-preview shows with a $10 exchange. All other Subscribers have the ability to exchange tickets free of charge. Please call 1-877-725-8849 to exchange your subscriber tickets.

A: All ticket purchases are final sale and nonrefundable.

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