In 1969, the Hill District of Pittsburgh is gentrifying while the regulars at a popular local diner grind out an existence against the backdrop of a turbulent world. Memphis Lee looks to prevent the demolition of his restaurant in the face of a municipal project while across the street, Mr. West, the local funeral director, has more business than he can handle.

It takes a newcomer named Sterling – a young convict with a heart that lives up to his name – to change the rules of the game. Unknowingly, the regulars take up a fight that carries them head on into the Civil Rights Movement. Two Trains Running is an inspiring story about the protest that changed a nation.

“…a daring artistic choice on Mr, Wilson’s part, that pays off in a rich societal portrait…” – New York Times

August Wilson

LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Michael Beasley

E. Roger Mitchell

Basil Wallace

Pauletta Washington

Ellis “Skeeter” Williams